Restoration and repair to a very high standard.

All items have a useful working life. We think of antique and vintage items as being of superior quality and manufacture than newer items. Although in many cases this is true, antique items are not impervious to the ravages of 75 to 100 years of wear and tear and wearing away of metal due to everyday use.
And that's where we come in,with our high professional standards of workmanship to maintain and restore those items that you treasure.

We undertake high quality repair, restoration and general cleaning of silver, gold and other metals, including jewelry.We pride ourselves with the highest standards from receipt of items to completion of work!Please feel free to contact us for more information, quotes and any questions you might have!you can also contact us by phone,number located in side menu.
Where to find us!
There is a link in the side menu to a map of the area that our business premises is situated.